Tips on How to Maintain Retractable Shade Awnings

If you are an outdoor person who likes to have a cup of coffee in solitude, out in the sunshine with birds chirping around in the background, you cannot miss out on two things- outdoor furniture and good quality retractable shade awnings.

One can buy outdoor furniture as per their comfort needs but there are some things that need to be considered while looking for retractable awnings.

Retractable Shade Awnings
Retractable Shade Awnings

A retractable awning comes with a very handy tool, especially during summers. It is used to keep the area cool by about 19 degrees (which is astonishing for a simple tool that it is). Another great advantage with retractable awning is that these are convertible and can be rolled back easily when not in use. Their multiple advantages include ameliorating the effects of weather, reducing the air-conditioning expenses and protecting outdoor furniture from extreme weather conditions.

If you have already made up your mind to buy this amazing outdoor tool, you might need to follow some tips to properly maintain your retractable shade awnings.

Tips to maintain Retractable Shade Awnings:

1. Regular cleaning

Make it a point to clean the retractable awnings on a regular basis. This clears away all the dust and prevents it from collecting and forming debris or stains. If the dust and debris continue to accumulate for a long time, it can also make the fabric look worn. Use a dry and soft cloth or a brush for regular cleaning and mild soapy water and brush with soft bristles to do the job occasionally.

2. Avoid using fire

Avoid using a charcoal grill or even fire in any form under the awnings of any kind. Using a charcoal grill can leave permanent soot stains while using fire in any other form can permanently damage the base material of awnings. Thus, it is recommended to completely avoid using any of these products if you want to keep your retractable shade awning in shape for long.

3. Regularly inspect for small tears

Always remember to have your awnings inspected for any small tears on a regular basis. If small tears go unnoticed for a long time, they can result in damages that are bigger and more difficult to correct. It can also permanently damage the awnings completely.

4. Avoid abrasive surfaces

When you are getting the awnings installed at your home, check that it does not rub against any rough or abrasive surfaces during the time it is switched on or off (or even handled manually). Regular contact with an abrasive surface results in quick wear and tear of the tool.

Retractable Shade Awnings
Retractable Shade Awnings

5. Brush away dry leaves and twigs regularly

Since awnings are installed outdoors, they must be brushed regularly to remove any dry leaves and twigs that might be hanging from the structure. Swaying twigs can destroy the structure while dry leaves and flowers can also stain the canvas that might be difficult to wash away.

6. Lubricate them regularly

Lubricating the awnings regularly help to reduce the friction and increase the lifespan of the tool. They definitely reduce the regular repair costs as well.

7. Proper storage

Store the awnings in a proper way when they are not in use. Clean and dry them thoroughly before you store them in a room that is well ventilated. Ensure there is no form of moisture in the place you are storing them.

If you regularly follow all these tips to maintain your retractable shade awnings, you will not just keep them durable for a long time, extend their lifespan by a couple of years but also reduce its regular repair costs.


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