What Are the Top Benefits of Taking Your Pets at A Dog Salon?

Pets are the most comforting companions who give you unconditional love. They make you feel wanted and loved and want to always snuggle up next to you. Pet grooming is no longer about given them good food and a good bath. It is about how much they mean to you and so there can be no limits to what length you can go to pamper them.

Here are some of the top benefits of taking your pets to a Dog Salon:

Dog Salon
Dog Salon
  • Better hygiene
    More than anything else, one of the biggest reasons for taking your pets to the dog salons is the benefit of better hygiene. What happens often is that problems of ticks, pests, fungal infections, etc. are not treated well at home. Salons on the other hand have better equipments to check for parasites as well as have latest lotions and other medicinal products that work together to provide better results.  Minor changes in their hair or skin can be a symptom of the start of an illness or a deficiency. Salons can identify these changes very early. They can recommend remedial measures to prevent any issues from becoming worse or reaching a point needing intervention by a vet.Apart from this, they also clean the ears as well as do anal glands expression without which some dogs ends up with abscess formation.  The pets will have their feet pads trimmed and have sanitary trims also.  These treatments cannot be done by us properly at home, unless you are yourselves an expert.
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
    There is no dearth of dog salons these days and all of them will provide you with optimum grooming and relaxation therapies. Just like you, your pets also enjoy a bit of grooming and relaxation. At these spas you will get soft music that helps pets to relax. There is special masseuse who would know the main pressure points of different dog breeds and thus help them relax. The professionals at these dog salons would also ensure that your pets are able to get head to toe grooming. They use latest products to groom the pet’s hair, making it softer and comfortable for the pet.
  • Bath and pool
    Salons offer personalized hand bath that ensures every part of the pets body is cleaned and is given special treatments to prevent shedding.  Then, not all homes have a bath tub and this is something that all dogs enjoy. In fact, to enhance this fun, many of the salons also have mini pools or bigger bathing tubs for your little buddy to splash around. Of course, there are also options for the bigger dogs and every attempt is made to ensure that they are getting optimum care. You can be assured that the water used in these pools at dog salons are clean and hygienic.
Dog Parlour
Dog Parlour

Besides all of this your pet would be given a head to toe grooming and relaxation therapy. This would also include combing using special brushes that feature bristles to help the coat of your dog’s fur get fluffy and shiny. Your pet’s nails are also trimmed along with hair grooming and similar methods. So on the whole the hygiene aspect is combined with relaxation.

New therapies especially for older dogs are available too at these dog salons. Some dogs suffer from arthritis and other related problems that cause pain. Salons will have vets who would give appropriate treatment depending on the diagnosis of their illness.

Some salons also offer pick and drop facility and day care facility, where they take care of your pet when you travel out of town.

These are some of the top benefits and facilities that you can get at these dog salons. Make sure that you compare prices and get a fair deal.


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