How to Hire Strip Out Contractors For Your Office Strip Outs?

Before refurbishments of offices, it is important to strip them out, get them ready for refit, and let the work of new buildings commence. If you need help in stripping out and maintaining your office building, it is essential that you call up specialist strip out contractors and get their assistance. Many companies promise to offer defit, fitout and stripout services, covering everything from floors to ceilings and all that lies in between. However, you should take that extra inch of care while hiring a demolition contractor for your office strip outs.

Office Strip Outs
Office Strip Outs

What are the factors to be considered before you hire the strip-out contractors?

Check their record of accomplishment:

Check whether the specialist in an expert at offering solutions to small offices as well as entire buildings and floors. He should have a proven track record of providing offices of all sizes with well-organized projects. You can do some online research and find out from past clients whether the contractor offers projects within specified timelines and without any snags.

What are the Types of services that they offer?

Find out whether the contractor offers a wide variety of office strip outs services, such as the following:

  • Full time or part time project management
  • Full Catt “A” strip out
  • Every demountable system
  • Every partitioning system
  • Metal pan ceiling systems
  • Every glazed partitioning type
  • Dry lined walls and Jumbo stud
  • Power isolation, which includes complete M&E strip out
  • MF plasterboard and grid type suspended ceilings
  • Full builders clean on handover
  • All types of floor finish removal, including access floor systems

Experienced contractors are experts at undertaking contracts of all sizes, from refurbishing large offices to working on retail space strip outs to even 18-month projects.

Most good strip out contractors also provide Preparatory services 

Check whether the company also supplies the entire range of preparatory services for strip out. Find out whether the company has the skills, resources and expertise to remove asbestos and other similar substances with care. The contractor should carefully deal with present Environment Agency and HSE regulations.

The company should be able to do the following:

  • Understanding your specific requirements
  • Migrating your office staffs to other levels
  • Stripping out occupied buildings from one floor to the next
  • Keeping you informed through entire projects
  • Satisfying the highest level of environmental, health and safety standards

Lots of strip out projects are unnecessarily delayed due to lack of preparations. With companies that offer preparatory services, you are never in for any nasty surprises.

Office Strip Outs
Office Strip Outs

Look to their safety standards as well:

 It should specialize in stripping out live buildings without any hazard and without creating much noise pollution.

  • It has to provide your business with experienced operatives who will take the risk factor out of your strip out job and ensure that your business runs constantly even as there is smooth transition from one phase of fit out to the next.
  • The contractor should have the expertise to offer electrical and mechanical isolations and validations to clients, to provide then with a smooth service and saving them a lot of money.
  • Interface risks between various businesses should be eliminated. The contractor should be wholly committed to health and safety, and offer the best practices required for meeting the needs of clients.

It is important to look at the level of experience of the contractor, and how long he has been in business. Keep in mind, however, that many new agencies offer remarkable office strip outs services as well. It is a good idea to check online reviews for the agency and talk to some its past clients in order to make an informed decision.



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