Various Lifting Equipment’s and Their Uses In The Heavy Industries

The construction and manufacturing industries use different kinds of machines, for lifting and moving various materials of varying weights. There are many types of lifting equipment’s available in the market, which can be put into effective use in these industries.

Types of lifting equipment’s used for the industrial reasons

  • Electric hoist: Electric chain hoist is fueled by electricity, where a motorized pulley is tied with a strong cable with a fixed mounting structure. This pulley is moved upward or downward, by pressing a few buttons on its control panel. It is quite easy to operate but it should be checked regularly for any kind of errors, to avoid accidents and increase its working capability in shifting weights from one place to another.
Electric hoist
Lifting Equipment (Electric hoist)
  • Gantry crane: It is a mobile lifting equipment, whose bulky body can be installed anywhere, over its castors. It can be remodeled according to the requirements of the users, by attaching other equipment’s to its beam; like electric hoist or a beam clamp. It can be used in small garage as well as in large scale manufacturing factories.
  • Jib crane: It is a semi-permanent equipment that is also popular in all large and small industries. The long arm of this crane can be moved easily up to 360 degrees, as it is attached at one end to the vertical stand that is fixed. So it is easier to move materials to different heights.
  • Overhead crane or bridge crane: It is the largest lifting machinery that is seen in the factories of manufacturing companies. As it is operated by electricity, this crane is used to move heavy materials from one spot to another along the large track of the crane’s arm.
  • Tower crane: It is usually stationed on the top of the buildings, which can move heavy materials to a great height and is required mainly in construction companies. It consists of a very tall mast, a long arm or jib and a shorter counter arm, apart from the operator’s seat on a moving unit. The arms of the tower crane are used for moving materials, according to the requirements of the industries. Some overhead and tower cranes can be operated by remote control, which follows the procedure of radio control systems. This remote control of 4 to 6 buttons makes the hoisting much easier for the operators of the crane. Hence, this radio remote control is widely accepted for the industrial uses, due to its high quality, safety measures and greater reliability.
Tower crane
Lifting Equipment (Tower crane)
  • Wire rope hoist: Apart from the electrical chain hoist, wire rope hoist is also used for lifting heavy weights in the medium level heavy industries. This equipment is also operated by electricity and can lift around 1 – 5-ton weight at a time. This total equipment consists of a rotating motor with conical shaped brakes, which moves the weights in the direction of a perpendicular plane.
  •  Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts are used to move the heavy construction materials, while the base of this equipment is attached to a large platform. This machine is used to install windows on high-rise buildings and similar operations.
  • Knuckle lifts: Knuckle lifts also known as articulated boom lifts can be rotated around 360 degrees, due to having a turntable and very strong wheels over the working platform. It is mainly used for the different maintenance works of the houses, as we’ll as for the landscaping works in the buildings.

But it is important for the factory workers and managers to be aware about the mechanisms and functions of every lifting equipment, so that they do not face any problem in operating those machines.



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