Important Features Of Heavy Shelving And Its Benefits In Industrial Sector

Every industrial organization needs to store their products in the warehouse or in the distribution or display units, for exhibiting to their customers. But the heavy industrial products, like machinery items need to be stored in heavy duty shelving systems, which can bear any amount of heavy weights safely, without any chance of collapsing down. There are some stainless-steel shelves and wall mounted drawers available which are perfectly suitable as the industrial storage cabinets. Apart from that, people also choose the metal customized drawers, open shelves and free style standing storage cabinets for their warehouses.

Heavy duty shelving
Heavy duty shelving

Primary factors that decide the functionality of heavy duty shelving

Usually, the metal shelves are widely preferred for using in the commercial shelving process, mainly the ones that are made of steel. These shelves are available in varieties of sizes; large, medium or small, which are purchased according to the requirements of the companies. When you choose the industrial shelves, you need to consider the capacity of these shelves and you have to check the durability and the weight loading features of these shelves. For industrial purposes, people always look for some heavy duty shelves which provide better longevity and rust resistant facility.

  • The width of these heavy metal shelves are usually in the range of 1200 mm – 4000 mm, the heights of these shelves vary between 1500 mm – 20000 mm. The depths of the racks of these industrial shelves are mostly 450 mm or even more, to accommodate all the storage items of the companies. Usually, the exact size of a heavy shelf is chosen, as per the sizes of the items to be stored here.
  • The pitch or the difference between two racks of a heavy shelf should be at least 50 mm, which can also be changed according the size of the stock keeping units (SKU) or in simpler words, the items to be stored in this shelf.

Strongest materials and durability of heavy duty shelving:

The brackets of the shelf are strongly welded to the main structure, to prevent any loosening of these racks under the heavy weights. The joints of these shelf rackets are frequently strengthened, by repeated welding and supportive channels.

  • The shelf dividers are inserted into the shelves, to help in categorizing the stored products or equipments of the company. But the perforations are made on ½ inches centers of the shelves, to insert the dividers into the required spaces.
Heavy duty shelving
Heavy duty shelving
  • These shelves are made of very thick and strong steel, with the designs that support the storage of the heaviest industrial equipments. It is recommended to check the quality of the materials before installation and you need to go for the strongest metal for your industrial heavy duty shelving.
  • The quality of the steel should be of high grade, to prevent any rusting or untimely wreckage of the building material of these industrial heavy shelves. The screws, supportive channels and other accessory constituents also need to be of good quality, to ensure maximum durability of these shelves.
  • Apart from that, you need to check the secure locking system of these shelves and now you can also install the digital locking system in these industrial shelvings.

The heavy shelves with open backs enable the users to put in the items on the racks, from both front and back sides of the shelves. But the closed back shelves are chosen to store expensive or vital items, as these shelves can be closed and locked up, due to the presence of the enclosed sides and backsides, made of solid steel plates, thus ensuring very good security of the products kept on the racks.


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