All You Need to Know About Vanity Units

When you want to purchase a vanity unit for your home and are confused as to what you should purchase, how you should choose one, what the materials that these are found in are and several questions like is it safe to buy these vanities online etc.

There are different kinds of vanity units. There are basic ones which are kept on the floor or there are those that are hung on walls. The wall hanging ones are more popular as they are easy to clean.

Vanity Units Online
Vanity Units Online

These vanities can be in different styles

  • They can be rustic, modern, art deco or minimalist.
  • They come in a variety of sizes too. Based on the size of the bathroom
  • They are either compact or can be really large.
  • They provide storage space and the modern ones have either beautiful curves or have straight lines.

There are double vanities as well. These are used when two people use the bathroom simultaneously. These double vanities are a great time saver especially during the rush morning hours.

When choosing the right vanity, the style of the bathroom is needed to be considered. Ornate vanities do not look good in minimalistic bathrooms. There are those that have an integrated sink or those that have vessel sinks.

When you want to install a vanity, you need to first consider as to where you want it to be. These take up a major part of the bathroom and so should be in a position that is easily accessible and convenient. The vanity unit should not hinder movement in the bathroom and should not block the entrance.

The size of the vanity and the number of drawers and shelves will depend on your budget, the requirements of the occupants as well as the size of the bathroom. It should be large enough to keep the bath robes, toiletries and towels in it.

A few of the trendy kinds & styles of vanity units are

  • Corner Vanity Unit
  • Double Sink Vanity
  • Wall Mounted Vanities

When choosing a vanity, the plumbing requirements need to be seen to as well. When you change the placement of the vanity, the plumbing also will need to be changed.

When you go online you get different kinds of vanities. Vanities need to be built with the right materials. These are available usually in stone or wood. However, there should be care taken as they need to be in areas of high humidity. Therefore, laminates, wood veneers or thermo foil should be used as these resist water and so it increases the durability. In case wood is being used; it should be lacquered so that there is better resistance.

Vanity Unit Online
Vanity Unit Online

The color as well as the texture of the vanity unit depends on the material. There are counter tops which are available and tiles too which are there in all kinds of colors and patterns. An essential element is that the tiles, counter top and wood should be in sync with the color and paint of the rest of the units.

Vanity units which do not offer a lot of storage are not to be bought. Comfort should be prioritized over looks. Another important feature is that these units should match your personality. A kid’s bathroom should have vanity units in bright colors or cartoon prints. For adults, elegant colors should be used. Similarly, the height of the vanity should be comfortable for the users. 32 inches is usually the height for bathroom vanities. Some prefer 34 or 35 inches. The occupants’ height is to be considered when choosing the height of the vanity unit. If the unit is too short or too tall it is very frustrating.

In short, you can order vanity units online or offline but a lot of preparatory work needs to be done before you can choose one for your bathroom.


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