Tips on Finding the Best Dog Salon

Your pet needs some grooming and you think why not take him/ her to a dog salon. But the million-dollar question here is whether or not you should go by a dog salon that you saw an ad for or the same old place that you have been visiting for years. The question is quite tricky because you want nothing but the best for your furry pals. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you make the decision-

Do you need a salon?

Ask yourself what exactly are the kind of pet treatments that you will get done at the dog salon? If this is basic grooming and pampering, then you can call the expert home. The reason for the same is that your pet would be more comfortable in the house rather than you taking them to salon. Doing so would work out to be more sensible and time-saving for you. Besides if there is some special activity there like therapy for your pet or other similar treatments then you can take them for a pampering session.


Check reviews

One of the easiest ways to check on a dog salon would be to ask around about a newly opened salon. It should be remembered that not all dog salons or spas that have opened up check the right boxes whether in terms of cleanliness or being affectionate towards your pet. So, the first thing to do here is to go through some reviews about these places. If you know other pet owners, then ask them where they are taking their pets to the same place or not.

Are owners allowed?

The next question here would be whether or not the dog salon permits owners inside the premises. Usually most places do because having their owner around is comforting for pet. It also means that the first few times you can take your pet there and later on once he/ she is settled or comfortable with that feeling then they can go with someone else too.

Cleanliness and hygiene

This is the most important aspect to consider when you are sending or taking your pet to a salon. Remember that hygiene is crucial here because the same equipment is being used for filing nails or even trimming their fur. Hence, if a dog or other pet is infected then your pet too can get affected. Besides this, it is important that you also consider other aspects here like whether or not they have the favorite brand of shampoo your pet likes? Do they maintain a chart about the allergic reactions that a dog has?

These are crucial aspects of any dog salon. Other questions that you should be asking here are

  • Do they have professionals who undertake the task or supervise the entire process from shampooing to pampering? If yes are they affectionate towards your pet or do they have a rather cold attitude.
  • Do they understand individual dog temperaments and take efforts to get dog-friendly or are they more interested in just getting their work done?
  • Do they have an ambience that is pet friendly or does your pet not enjoy going there?
  • Also consider the accessibility factor because you want a dog salon that is either close to home or work for quick pick up and drop-offs.

Anyone who has a dog and adores them would understand that though grooming and pampering is important at these salons, the need of the hour is to ensure their well-being. A dog salon that treats your pet with affection and adheres to safe and hygienic practices for their health would be ideal.


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