Blocked Toilet Care: How to Reopen the Blocked Drains?

It is undeniably a worst situation to wander about your house with a smell of filth rushing inside your breathe and making extreme effort to pull it out of your brains. It is every house owner’s nightmare to find that one of their drain pipes have got clogged and water is not moving smoothly down there.

Imagine you have just moved to a new property and in a matter of a few days, calamity of blocked drains happens and you begin to panic. You are frightened by the whole scene and don’t know what next to do.

If you have been in such a situation, you could understand how tough it is to get rid of such problem. Blocked toilet can get on your nerves. You will try to flush it out one more time, but then you will see the toilet bowl is brimming with filthy water that makes you retch.

Blocked Toilet
Blocked Toilet

This article will help you get safely out of this disaster. But first you need to know how blocked toilet happens.

The Causes of a Blocked Drain

Small junk or toys dumped by children

  • Toilet paper
  • Food particles and grease
  • Nappy pads or napkins
  • Cotton balls
  • Hair and other fibers
  • Menstrual pads

How to Unblock a blocked Toilet

There are many steps and methods to unclog the blocked toilet. However, first it is necessary to reduce the damage. If there is a blockage already, repeatedly flushing it with water will lead to further damage. Excessive water may cause the flood, increasing the mess for you.

Here are some of the steps that you need to implement to solve the problem:

  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves if you want to do it yourself and remove the visible blockage.
  • If the blockage still persists, you need to invest a little more effort without removing rubber gloves.
  • Use a few drops of dishwashing liquid and small bucket of hot water and tip it into the toilet bowl from height. Wait a few minutes to see if it works.
  • Next, you can pick a toilet plunger which is used for heavy duty and hold it over the toilet bowl and let it immerse in the water. Press it down a little harder while going slow. This may release clogged-ness of blocked toilet. You may repeat if it first shot doesn’t show results.
  • Coat-hanger is normally found in every household. Use it since it is effective when the blockage is 2-3 inches deep.
  • In case all these methods fail, a plumbing tool like snake or auger can help you solve the problem. The coiled arrangement of wire can maneuver through difficult twists and turns down the drain. This is helpful if the blockage is not shallow. This method requires good finesse and focus since it has some techniques to address the blocked drain water.
  • Chemical warfare method is also one big step. Take a good-quality enzyme-based chemicals that can break down or melt away the solid waste that might be responsible for blockage. This comparatively takes more time, so you will need to wait before chemicals begin to work on the waste. Although the chemicals are used for destroying the organic matter that is too large to flush out, you need to be extra careful. Read the instructions mentioned on the solution bottle since they are unpredictably dangerous to your skin, eyes and your lungs.
  • If you think using chemicals is too extreme and harsh, take baking soda with vinegar mixed with hot water. The mixture can break down solid parts in some time and instigate the water flow down the drain.

Don’t delay calling a plumber

It is never a wrong idea to call a plumber. In fact, it is good to hire plumbers in your locality if neither of the methods discussed above work. Leave the whole business to expert professional as they are the best doctors to diagnose and heal blocked toilet problem. You can also make a habit of calling a local plumber once or twice a year so that your toilet is working fine and there is no clog as such to harass you on and off.


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