What are the Advantages of Garage Shelves?

Items like hose, gardening tools, empty flower pots need not be stored inside your home. Just letting it on the outside will make your garden look clumsy. For a sophisticated look, you must opt for garage shelves, which will help you increase space in your garage. Garage shelves are the best method to tidy up the place. It also need not be restricted to just the garage but can be used for offices and other rooms of the house too.

Garage Shelving
Garage Shelving

These garage shelving have several advantages:

  • They help rid of the mess on the floor and so the place looks cleaner, bigger and better. The disorganized mess can be a thing of the past when you have garage shelves.
  • There is enough and more space for you to manage all the things that you want to buy. The cabinet or shelves can store several items of various sizes.
  • It is easy to find things and manage them when they are on shelves. Especially if each of the racks is labeled.
  • The garage no longer has heaps and piles all over. The market value of the house will go up too incase you are trying to resell the house.
  • Shelves help in increasing the safety as materials which are lying about especially fluids can be a safety hazard. In addition to this, poisonous material as well as material which are flammable needs to be off the ground, especially when one has pets or kids.
  • When garage shelves are used, there is enough and more space freed up for you to park your car.
  • When the items have designated spots, and are kept properly they are protected from wear and tear. These tools and items will not get damaged due to rust or water damage.

Before you buy shelves however, you need to classify what is there and what needs to be stored. You can add shelves in such a way that they accommodate the items which are there in the garage. Therefore, the spacing of the shelves is of utmost importance. Wide and high shelves are a waste of money when all you want to store are small tools or flat tools.

Garage Shelving
Garage Shelving

The shelves also need to be easily accessible. There should be drill hooks as well as mounts which are on walls so that it is easy to pick up and use.

It is easy to organize the space efficiently. Especially one can use the space on the ceilings by using racks and rafters to store those items that are less frequently used.

Garage shelves can either be from floor to ceiling or else can be few inches higher than the workbench. They come in different depths, though 36 inches and 12 inches are most commonly found. The 12 inch shelves are good when there is a small garage and not many tools. However, if there are large items, it will be a huge problem. If there is enough space, one should go in for 36 inch shelves. These store large items and sports equipment.

To further organize the garage, on the shelves, storage bins and totes should be used. These when labeled make it extremely easy to find and use.

Garage shelves are either freestanding ones – which need no installation and do not require you to drill holes into the wall and are also easy to cart around. The other kinds are wall mounted shelves which are modern and clean looking. These can be put at different heights. These are a deterrent to bugs and mice that may damage your stuff. They also are easy to clean in case of water on the garage floor, it will not damage the shelves or the items on it.


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