What are the Different Types of Hoists That You Can Use for Material Handling?

We come across hoists in various situations and places, where hoist is required for lifting. The nature of work in various segments where lifting equipments is required varies and so do the hoist types.  Three most common types of hoists for this task are

  • Hydraulic hoists,
  • Electric hoists
  • Chain hoists.

Which type of hoist is used for engine lifting?

The most popular for engine lifting is the hydraulic hoist. Electric chain hoists are used for lifting other objects, like boxes in malls and big stores. They are also used in woodworks and construction works. Different types of hoists have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Electric chain hoists
Electric chain hoists

What are the functions of a Hydraulic hoist?

Such hoists are generally for car repairs and engine lifting. These engine hoists employ hydraulic cylinders and this Hydraulic cylinder uses liquid fluid for lifting job. Aptly this hydraulic fluid is often called as hydraulic liquid and is usually special oil. We can see hydraulic systems in different mechanics. Yes – your car brakes employ them!  Car brakes are the most common hydraulic systems as they are fast, precise, powerful and reliable and can stop car from high speeds.

 You will generally find hoists in car service stations:

Remember seeing car hoists in car service stations. This system or tool serves to lift up a car so the mechanic can make the necessary repairs. As against engine hoists, car hoists can be operated automatically.  Usually Car hoists come with a   remote control that helps in operating the hoist. Go for this hoist,

  • If you want the hoist to be moved around
  • That can lift heavy loads,
  • Is affordable
  • Designed for engine lifting and car repairs.

What are the benefits of an Electric hoist?

Yet another popular tool used for lifting heavy loads is Electric hoist. These hoists are not that popular for lifting engines, as it is for lifting other type of objects. These hoists are mostly used in places such as sawmills and factories etc. You can sometimes see them in car service stations for lifting and transporting heavier loads where human effort will not be possible. Electric hoist will be the best lifter if you are looking at:

  • A fast working hoist,
  • If you need to lift engines with smaller weight,
  • If you have an appropriate place for installing an electric hoist
  • You also need to look to the price and check whether it is compatible with the quality of the hoists.
Electric chain hoists
Electric chain hoists

What is Chain hoist?

Chain hoist, are very much like hydraulic and electric hoists. It is a tool that is used for lifting heavy loads. Chain hoists are pretty similar to electric hoists. The only difference is instead of working automatically with electric engine, chain hoist needs to be operated manually. There is no remote control involved. The person operating the hoist needs to pull the hand chain as and when the load has to be lifted up.

This hoist is the best for you if you want

  • A similar hoist to electric,
  • Have a tiny budget,
  • looking for something more basic

Now you have a brief knowledge on the type of hoist you may want to invest in.

It is recommended to you look up ecommerce websites for getting the best price of different types of hoists.  You get great deals on websites as you have thousands of suppliers and manufacturers pitching to sell their products. You can also go for a window shopping from a store close to your home and compare prices.



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