Crucial Signs That Signal Immediate Clutch Repair and How to Address It

Your car is a vehicle that goes through a lot of wear and tear over a course of time. On one point, you will have to consider the idea of replacing or repairing some of its internal components that have mechanical value. The parts of your car that has connection with vehicle speed will require extra care. Without timely maintenance and repair done under the guidance of an expert car mechanic, you will see your car losing its edge of performance. By putting your car in a caring maintenance program, you will hopefully extend the longevity of your car’s engine and restore its longevity, power and performance.

Here we are going to learn what possibly happens to clutch because of overuse of your vehicle and telltale signs that inform you about next possible clutch repair. The reason why we discuss it lies in the fact that good amount of maintenance have a significant effect on the lifespan of your car.

Clutch Repair
Clutch Repair

Erratic shifting of gears

When you feel, you are unable to shift gears as you wish and instead experience shuddering of the car, it is a sign of a clutch going worn and depreciated. In this phenomenon, the reaction of your vehicle upon using the clutch to control the speed becomes a little baffling. This becomes more pronounced when you bring the car into first gear or reverse.

Slippery-acting clutch

To know if your clutch is slipping, see if your car loses its leverage when it comes to dealing with heavy loads. While you climb hills, or try to accelerate the vehicle, the engine RPM will go undesirably up without showing any rise in momentum. It means you struggle to engage and disengage the gears.

Peculiar clutch pedal action

If you experience a significant change in the clutch pedal position especially when trying to engage or disconnect gears, it indicates your clutch is shabby. If the clutch action is done with overmuch or negligible movement of the pedal, it calls for clutch repair. Check if the pedal looks soft when pressed; it is also sign of restoring the healthy function of clutch.

Clutch Repair
Clutch Repair

Singed or burning smell

Where there is more chances of friction, you will sense burning smell. The foul smell that you experience while driving should be ignored as it signals your clutch needs maintenance.

Annoying noise and sudden jerks

The jerk movement of your car while applying clutch properly is an omen that you need to visit a car mechanic for effective clutch repair. As a result, you will sense harsh noises when shifting gears. There might be certain problems with oil affecting the performance of clutch. Before the clutch goes dysfunctional or suffer more serious damage, you should take your vehicle to a car mechanic’s shop.

Methods to minimize clutch wear & tear

  • Maximum wear of clutch occurs when it goes through the actions of engagement and disengagement from engines. When it is moving at the speed of the flywheel, wear and friction stays within minimal limit.
  • The most optimal way to minimize clutch wear is to operate clutch pedal gently. This practice will diminish wear on the friction disc.
  • Be careful and gentle while changing the gears so that your clutch doesn’t strike against flywheel or shift away from it with a jerk. This way you will eliminate the possibility of clutch repair.
  • First gear is most critical to wearing of clutch so try to keep the speed of the engine slow. Then, gently remove pressure from clutch pedal to instigate its normal speed.

If you still observe more persistent signs of clutch depreciation, you will need to discuss the problem with an expert car mechanic’s shop. It is always better to visit an automotive shop for your car troubles than delaying it for more expensive repairs and maintenance or opting for DIY car repair project.


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